Things to do in Cape Town: Bloubergstrand

I have been to Bloubergstrand countless time, with and without my camera. If you need some fresh air, this is the place to go. There are days when it’s hard just to stand up because of the strong winds, which is why it’s a favourite spot for kite surfing. The water is cold due to the Benguela current, but this does not stop the many kite and wind surfers.

Kite surfers with Table Mountain in the background

Wind and waves

Bloubergstrand is almost 20 km from the centre of Cape Town and can easily be reached by car or by the MyCity bus. We often come here to enjoy the sunset. If you want a drink or something to eat right on the beach, then the Blue Peter is for you. You will find the lawn in from of the restaurant full of people before sunset having a drink and enjoying the view and each other’s company.

Table Mountain during the day

I come to Bloubergstrand for the view. From this beach you have a perfect view on Cape Town and Table Mountain. I always thought that this place was called Bloubergstrand because of the view on Table Mountain in the distance, which gives the mountain a blue hue. But preparing this blog post, I found out that Bloubergstrand is named after a hill nearby called Blaauwberg. Blaauw or blou is blue in Afrikaans, so Bloubergstrand literally means blue mountain beach.

Rocks and waves with Cape Town on the background

A beach with a view

Taking photos on this beach is always different. The weather is never the same and the tide also changes. This makes it a lot of fun going for a photo shoot here.

The dunes that divide the beach from the town grow beautiful yellow-orange flowers in spring (October/November). These are beautiful to include in your photos together with Table Mountain in the background.

Flowers on the dunes of Bloubergstrand

The waves of the Atlantic ocean are a perfect opportunity to play with the shutter speed. Depending on the amount of light you might a polarizer or a ND filter to create longer exposures, so the movement of the water shows in the photo.

Waves crushing on the rocks

Relatively short exposures show the movement of the splashes, but still show the shapes of the waves. Using long exposures, let’s say longer than 10 seconds, the waves become like smoke.

Table Mountain & Cape Town

Use the rocks in the foreground of your photo which cause the splashes and canals of water between them. Don’t get too close to the waves, or you will get wet… as will your camera.

If the wind is really strong, which is quite often here, you can also just photograph the waves in the low afternoon light. Just clean your lens or filter often as the salt spray continuously leaves drops on your lens. It’s not exactly a healthy environment for your camera, but the results can be very satisfying.

Waves during strong winds short before sunset

We’d be happy to photograph this beach together with you and we can include this in our tailor made tour in and around Cape Town.

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