Slow down and take a Break

Are you looking forward to your holidays the day after you come back? Are you tired of spending so much time in an office? Would you like to take better photos?

While we can’t change your life (only you can), but we can take you away from your daily routine. We can bring you into beautiful Nature, where you can smell the fresh air, where you can encounter animals that you won’t see in a city park. We can help you to learn more about photography. But most of all we can bring you a little closer to Nature.

We travel to natural places, which can be the Namib desert or the countryside of Tuscany. We will show you places where human intervention is hardly visible or where humans live in harmony with Nature for centuries and their respect for Nature is visible.

Our photography workshops last between 2 and 5 days and are usually in a relatively small area without too much travelling from one location to the other. This way there is more time to help you and to be inspired. The workshops, like our tours, are not a race to get you to as many locations as possible. The workshops are slow paced, we want you to feel the Nature we’re surrounded by. Nature Photo Tours prides itself that Nature comes before Photo, meaning we enjoy Nature first, and use photography as a mean to achieve that.