Experience Nature’s Energy in Namibia

We start our travel photo season with autumn in Namibia, a true photography holiday in an amazing country. Here you can feel the energy of its ancient deserts and the resilience of its wildlife. Our Namibia photography tour will take place in April 2021. This photo tour is a combination of landscape and wildlife photography where you will see some of the best Namibia has to offer.

Feel Nature’s Energy

Our photo tour in Namibia will touch on some of the most beautiful locations. We go straight for the dunes in Sossusvlei. We will spend a morning in Deadvlei with its dead trees surrounded by red dunes. We will go to Walvisbay where we photograph the flamingos and go on a boat tour in the cold Atlantic Ocean. We will admire the countless stars in the night sky at Spitzkoppe. Going on we will search for wildlife in Etosha National Park. From Etosha we’ll drive back to Windhoek, stopping on the Waterberg plateau. This 11 day photo tour of Namibia is an amazing opportunity to get back in touch with Nature again.

Experience Nature’s Growth in Tuscany

Next in our photo tour season is spring during our Tuscany Photo Workshop in May 2021. This landscape photography workshop will take you through the famous rolling hills with morning mist and poppies. The green hills and the cypress trees will be patient subjects for our sunrise and sunset shoots. This area is world famous and rightly so for its beautiful landscapes where we can take a step back in time.

Feel Nature’s Growth

Our Tuscany photo tour in spring will show you just a little area of Italy, but one of the most beautiful. This workshop will be show you how quick Nature grows after winter and how beautiful the early morning and late evening can be. There will be time to show you the best compositions, the best locations, how to obtain the best from your camera. We have done the searching for you and we don’t have to travel around much, so this will be a relaxing experience to help your photography skills grow.

Experience the Essence of summer in Provence

From spring we move to summer. In Provence the fields are blooming and we have the perfect photo tour for you. This lavender fields photography workshop will take you through the perfumed fields full of lavender, wheat and sunflowers. This tour will take place in the end of June 2021 when the lavender is at its peak, short before it will be harvested.

Feel Nature’s Essence

Summer in Provence is a joy for all your senses, but we will try to concentrate on our vision. This landscape photography workshop is mainly about lavender, but there’s more than that. Provence has old little towns and the lavender looks so nice with a few sunflowers or mature wheat next to it. Learn more about landscape photography during this photo tour while enjoying summer. This tour will start in Valensole for the lavender fields. We’ll visit some of the picturesque towns in the second part of this tour.

Experience the colors of the Cape in Cape Town

This tour can be done any time of the year and can be fully customized to your desires. Cape Town is one of the best destinations in the world and we can show you around to its most beautiful locations. With its amazing coastline, Table Mountain, penguins, great wines and more, this city offers so many photo opportunities that it’s easy to rush to see it all. We offer a solution where you can relax and come back with great photos.

Feel the colours of Africa

Cape Town is a colourful city and going around will bring a smile to your face. You can see the coloured facades in Bok-kaap, the coloured beach houses in Muizenberg or the King Protea in Kirstenbosch. If you have never experienced an African sunset, let’s drive up to Chapman’s Peak for a sundowner. Then there’s wildlife and wine, and much more…

What’s in our Nature Photo Tours?

Our Nature Photo tours are designed to take your photography to the next level, and do so through the beauty of Nature. Our tours are in small groups to maximize your learning experience. Our tours are slow paced to really experience Nature. Our tours can be both holiday and adventure, some concentrate on landscape photography, during some we do more photo safari and in a few we combine both on the same photo trip. We have extensive travel experience in the areas of each photo tour.