Contribute to conservation

By visiting the reserves in Africa you support the reserves. Today reserves are necessary to protect the natural habitat for the wildlife and to give them a safe place to live. You also help the local communities who live around the parks as the reserves provide them with jobs and part of the entrance fees go to the local communities. Seeing Africa and its wildlife is an amazing experience and contributes to conservation of Nature.

Surprise yourself

A wildlife photographic safari gives you the chance to be up close to wild animals while being safely in your vehicle. You will be surprised how most animals won’t even look at you. Taking photos of all the wildlife is magnificent. We will be out with the most beautiful light as the animals are more active early in the morning or at sunset. You can never predict what you will see, and that’s also the beauty of it, every game drive is a surprise.

Nature Photo Tours organizes wildlife photo tours in Southern Africa, like Namibia or South Africa. But we offer much more than a wildlife photo safari. There are tours or workshops in Tuscany and Provence, which focus on landscape photography as well. Or our tailor made Cape Town photo tour which can be a mix of all kinds of photography. We will help you in the field with every step to take better photos. We will introduce you to post-processing. But most of all we will immerse ourselves in Nature and enjoy it to the fullest.

Wildlife and deserts in Namibia

Join us on this photo adventure where sand and wildlife are our main subjects. The highest dunes in the world with oryx grazing at their feet. Elephants, rhinos and lions in Etosha National Park. Flamingos in the cold Atlantic ocean and much more. An exclusive tour through beautiful landscapes in this amazing country.

Green hills of Tuscany

Take a step back in time and enjoy the harmonious hills and fields of Val d’Orcia. This World Heritage site is so beautiful in spring. The fields are green, mist is hanging between the hills early in the morning and poppies are blooming. This landscape photography workshop will show you around in the most beautiful fields and we will guide you from start to finish to help you taking beautiful photos. This is Tuscany at its best.

A holiday for your senses in Provence

Smell the perfume of lavender while taking photos of the purple fields in full bloom. The endless rows of lavender together with mature wheat and the occasional sunflower field create spectacular views. This landscape photography holiday will take you around in the Provence in the south of France to live summer like you have never felt before. This easy going workshop is a joy for every photographer and we will be there with you to bring out the best of your photos.

Discover Cape Town with your camera

Cape Town is a beautiful city and the surroundings are even better. This tailor made tour can be customized to your needs and can be booked throughout the year. There are so many photo opportunities in this amazing area. From Table Mountain to beaches, from penguins to vineyards. You pick what you like to photograph. This tour is all about you and your photography.

What’s in our Nature Photo Tours?

Our Nature Photo tours are designed to take your photography to the next level, and do so through the beauty of Nature. Our tours are in small groups to maximize your learning experience. Our tours are slow paced to really experience Nature. Our tours can be both holiday and adventure, some concentrate on landscape photography, during some we do more photo safari and in a few we combine both on the same photo trip. We have extensive travel experience in the areas of each photo tour.