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We’ve decided to start this year with a gift. You can download a set of free wallpapers in 4K for free. At the end of this post you will find a link where you can download the complete package. But before you download them you can read a short description for each photo together with a preview.

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Gondolas in Venice


Venice is famous for its canals and the best way to see this city is from the water. In the early morning the gondolas are patiently waiting for the tourists to wake up. In a few hours many of these gondolas will be gliding through the small canals of the old city.
The island in the background is San Giorgio.

Light rays

The humidity in winter creates a bit of fog that show the light rays of the illumination of the cathedral on San Giorgio island in front of Venice. The vaporetto, the water bus, goes through the scene, leaving a light trail behind.

Gondolas on a canal

A little boat passes through the canal and leaves its trace on the photo. Using a long exposure, because it was quickly getting dark, gives this surreal effect. You can still see how high the water gets on occasion by the paint on the green doors.

View over Florence

Florence is the capital of Tuscany and was even the capital of Italy for a short while. This was the centre of the Renaissance and history is all around. The light can be beautiful at sunset, like the evening in the photo.

Cypress trees in the waves

In autumn when the fields are empty, because the wheat was harvested long ago and have been ploughed, the structure of this territory is clearly shown, the nude earth, except for the cypress trees. The beautiful waves in the fields create a strong contrast with the straight trees standing tall.

House on the Tuscan hills

Like many houses in Val d’Orcia it is surrounded by olive trees. As you can imagine, the olive oil that is produced here, tastes very good. In some places you can taste the oil, like wine.

Early morning in Tuscany

Early in the morning when most people still sleep the atmosphere in Val d’Orcia, Tuscany is magic. The landscape and the light make you take a step back in time.

Low light over Tuscan hills

low light over tuscan hills
At the end of the afternoon when the sun gets lower, shadows start to form on the hills of Tuscany revealing its texture. The wheat has been harvested for a while now and are waiting to be ploughed.

Farmhouse in the lavender fields

lavender with landhouse
This farmhouse just outside Valensole lights up in the last sunlight of a hot summer day. The lavender is in full blossom and will soon be harvested, mainly for the essential oil that will be used in perfumes.

Lavender and sunflowers

One of the scenes I’m always looking for when in the Provence is sunflower together with lavender. There are plenty of fields with lavender or sunflowers, but to find one next to the other is quite rare. To make the search more complicated, many crops are rotated, so some fields change from one year to the other.

Three trees

Every now and then, between the fields, a few trees have been planted creating interesting focal points. Together with the colours of the mature wheat, the lavender and a blue sky, it looks like a beautiful day in the countryside.

Tree in Provence

It’s not only lavender that’s purple in summer in the Provence. These flowers are a little over a meter high and have an intense smell. I still haven’t discovered what flowers they are, but they sure are beautiful.


The Provence area is not only famous for the lavender, but also for sunflower fields. In this field many sunflowers were quite small, but there is always one that outgrows the rest.

Storm arriving

Summer in Provence means that there is often a possibility of a thunderstorm in the afternoon. This one passed without a drop of rain, but created this spectacular light show.

Stormy sky over rocks

These rocks can be found in the West Coast National Park in South Africa. On a sunny day the area would have been full of wildflowers blooming, but on the cloudy and rainy day, most of the flowers did not open. The rocks standing tall above the green and the sky where still beautiful though.

Sun rays over the Atlantic ocean

An explosion of sun rays over the Atlantic ocean in South Africa. I love the dark clouds reflecting the same colour of the water and the golden sun rays shining through.

Sunset over a little canal

With the sun setting the temperature drops quickly and created a bit of fog over the little canals that separate the fields. This photo was taken on Texel, one of the islands in the north of The Netherlands.

Tulip field

The Netherlands are famous for their bulb fields and it’s always amazing watching these fields full of colour. These pink tulips where beautiful. In the background you can see the dunes and the sea is only a few hundred meters away.

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