Wildlife photography

Wildlife photography is an exciting genre of photography. You usually need to travel to go to a place where you can find wild animals, and you spend plenty of time outdoors in often pristine Nature. It is not the easiest genre of photography, mainly because you have to search for the animals and they do not pose for you. This makes it even more beautiful, because you will learn about the behaviour of the animals, in order to make the best photos.

There is more wildlife than one might think. Of course we go to Africa to see wildlife, the elephants, the lions, etc. But in Europe some wildlife is still there, like bears and wolves, or foxes and bison. Of course bird watchers can still find many occasions in both Europe and Africa.

Equipment becomes important for wildlife photography. You will need long lenses and a fast camera to capture the action. But you do not need a professional camera and lenses right away, there are many good cameras to start with and obtain great results. The best thing about wildlife photography is that you can spend time with these wild animals in their habitat. Knowing that their habitat is shrinking all the time, still being able to see these animals in the wild is a huge privilege.

Wildlife photography is part of our Namibia photo tour and we are preparing wildlife tours in South Africa as well.

Photographing wildlife in Etosha

gnu wildebeest walking while a sandstorm rages in the distance Etosha Namibia photo safari

What equipment did I use for this tour? Normally when we think of wildlife photography we think of very long lenses. Lenses with a long focal length (more than 300 mm) are definitely very useful, because they bring you ‘closer’ to the wildlife you’re photographing. This is especially true in National Parks, where you’re not […]