Photography Techniques

Did you ever come back from a beautiful place and your photos don’t really show what you remembered? Is your composition off or are your highlights completely blown out? With a little bit of help you will make much better photos. Just keep a few guidelines in mind, practice a lot and when you come back from your next holiday, you will be amazed about how your photos look now.

Photography is a form of expression and in order to express yourself in the best way, you need to understand and use some technique. Once the technique is mastered you can express your true potential.

Photographing wildlife in Etosha

gnu wildebeest walking while a sandstorm rages in the distance Etosha Namibia photo safari

What equipment did I use for this tour? Normally when we think of wildlife photography we think of very long lenses. Lenses with a long focal length (more than 300 mm) are definitely very useful, because they bring you ‘closer’ to the wildlife you’re photographing. This is especially true in National Parks, where you’re not […]