Photography Techniques

Did you ever come back from a beautiful place and your photos don’t really show what you remembered? Is your composition off or are your highlights completely blown out? With a little bit of help you will make much better photos. Just keep a few guidelines in mind, practice a lot and when you come back from your next holiday, you will be amazed about how your photos look now.

Photography is a form of expression and in order to express yourself in the best way, you need to understand and use some technique. Once the technique is mastered you can express your true potential.

5 tips for photographing blossom

Pink cherry blossom

It is Spring again in the Northern hemisphere! Every time the trees start to blossom I want to grab my camera and take photos. I love the delicate colours of the blossom, the soft pinks and whites, the fragile flowers the last only a few days before the best is over. But the show is […]

Does a better camera equals better photos?

Do you think it is necessary to have the latest camera to make good photos? A common remark when people see my photos is: You must have a very good camera. What camera did you use? From these remarks I think many people think that it’s the camera that makes the photos, not the photographer. […]

HDR photography – how does it work?

tuscany landscape with clouds and green rolling hills

Have you ever taken a photo of a sunset and the foreground was all black? Or if the foreground was’t too dark, maybe the sky was completely blown out? Or maybe you took a photo of an interior and the surroundings that could be seen from the windows are all white? These are just a […]

Focus stacking in landscape photography

pink tulips at sunset using focus stacking

Have you ever taken a photo of a landscape with a beautiful foreground, but it was impossible to have both the foreground and the back ground in focus? This is where focus stacking comes in. What is focus stacking and why do you need it? Focus stacking is a technique that is often used in […]

Get creative with flower photography

Pink rose on white background

During these days in which we cannot travel or even go out to take photos, I was thinking of how we could take photos when we are at home. Now that spring is arriving here in Italy I would have loved to go out and take photos of the flowers that are blooming. Unfortunately, that […]

6 Tips to make sharper photos

Purple flowers on green background

How many times has this happened to you? You come back from a trip or an excursion where you have taken photos and when you look at your photos full screen, they’re not sharp. Or not sharp where you wanted them to be. This blog post will help you out. With a few simple tricks, […]

7 Wildlife photography tips and tricks for beginners

elephant bull

There are some occasions in which we can really feel our connection to Nature, and a game drive or safari is such an occasion. If you have never been to a reserve or national park to see the animals up close, you should consider going there. It’s one of the best experiences you could do […]

Autumn photography

vineyard in autumn with forest in the background

Autumn is a beautiful season to take photographs. The leaves of the trees turn to so many amazing colours. Weather will probably not as warm as we might want it to be (or at least as I want it to be), but for photography the moody skies can provide a beautiful background. In this post […]

Landscape photography in the Klein Karoo

On our way to Oudtshoorn from Cape Town, we stayed one night in Wildehondekloof Private Game Reserve. We had never been to the Klein Karoo (only the Greater Karoo), and the drive is already an adventure. Roads are in good conditions and as we meandered past Worcester, crossed the Langeberg at Montegu, the traffic got […]