Photography Equipment

With so much choice it is often difficult to choose what equipment to buy. And how much equipment do you really need? Our wish list is usually long and our budget never big enough. Seeing what other photographers use is a good indication of what you might need. This depends of course very much on your type of photography, your budget, and many other things. We’re all different, but in general, it can give you an idea. In these posts, we’ll discuss the equipment we use and how we like it, what photos we take with it. These posts are not only about the camera and lenses but also about bags and filters, etc. All things related to photography. Enjoy the reading and remember, you’re always welcome to comment.

Does a better camera equals better photos?

Do you think it is necessary to have the latest camera to make good photos? A common remark when people see my photos is: You must have a very good camera. What camera did you use? From these remarks I think many people think that it’s the camera that makes the photos, not the photographer. […]

Get creative with flower photography

Pink rose on white background

During these days in which we cannot travel or even go out to take photos, I was thinking of how we could take photos when we are at home. Now that spring is arriving here in Italy I would have loved to go out and take photos of the flowers that are blooming. Unfortunately, that […]

Camera bag review – Think Tank Streetwalker harddrive v2.0 backpack

Once you have a camera and a few lenses, the question that will arise sooner or later is: where am I going to put it while I’m around? The easy answer is of course in a camera bag. A camera bag protects your camera and lenses adequately against bumps, etc. and you will be able […]

Macro photography on a budget

While not so easy, macro photography can be a lot of fun. So what is macro photography? Macro photography is the photography of small subjects at a one to one scale or larger. Now I don’t want to get into all the technical details of macro photography, as I would like to keep it practical. […]

Long exposure photography

Creative photography with long exposures Long exposure photography becomes a necessity when there is little light, like before sunrise, after sunset or during the night. In this post however I would like to discuss the use of filters to deliberately use long exposure, so we obtain effects that otherwise would not be possible. This can […]