Even if you’ve been to Africa before, Namibia is not like it. Of course, it’s all about Africa, but the landscapes you can find here, you won’t find anywhere else. Here you can find one of the oldest deserts in the world, the world’s highest dunes, wildlife that has perfectly adapted to this dry climate and much more. Our photo tour through Namibia touches upon some of the classical destinations, but they are not to be missed. Sossusvlei or Etosha must be seen and photographed even if many have gone there before. Etosha is a prime wildlife destination in Africa with a unique landscape. The dunes in Sossusvlei will stun you with their height and their red sand.
Here you can have a true adventure by driving on roads made of salt, you can see trees that have been dead for more than six centuries, flamingos in the Atlantic ocean and much more.

Interesting facts about elephants

elephant eating

After I’d been to Africa for a few times, I thought elephants wouldn’t amaze me anymore. You see them quite often on game drives and we think we know most there is to know about them. But every time I notice something I had never noticed before. And what always impresses me, is the size […]

7 Wildlife photography tips and tricks for beginners

elephant bull

There are some occasions in which we can really feel our connection to Nature, and a game drive or safari is such an occasion. If you have never been to a reserve or national park to see the animals up close, you should consider going there. It’s one of the best experiences you could do […]

African safari – looking for oryx

Going on a photographic safari is for us at Nature Photo Tours one of our favourite things to do. Being out there in the bush trying to spot the animals. Every day is different, so going to the same park several times never gets boring. And you will never know what you will see. There’s […]

3 Tips for taking better photos of dunes in Namibia

Why dunes? A huge part of Namibia is desert, and dunes form a large part of the landscape. Namibia is even named after its biggest desert, the Namib. This is one of the most ancient deserts in the world and has been an arid region for more than 55 million years. The sand dunes in […]

Photographing wildlife in Etosha

gnu wildebeest walking while a sandstorm rages in the distance Etosha Namibia photo safari

What equipment did I use for this tour? Normally when we think of wildlife photography we think of very long lenses. Lenses with a long focal length (more than 300 mm) are definitely very useful, because they bring you ‘closer’ to the wildlife you’re photographing. This is especially true in National Parks, where you’re not […]