Italy is a beautiful country with a long and rich history. There is a great diversity of landscapes: a long coastline, mountains, rivers, forests, agricultural land and many beautiful towns and cities. One could easily spend a lifetime photographing Italy without ever finishing. Tuscany is one of the more famous areas for landscape photography and very accessible for both the beginning and advanced photographer. That is why Nature Photo Tours organizes a tour in Val d’Orcia which is a world heritage site and is amazingly beautiful. This is a landscape photographer’s paradise.

Italy is a lot more than Tuscany and since we live here part of the year, you can expect us to show you photos from other beautiful areas of the country. Nature Photo Tour’s accent will always be on nature, so we will show you the country side and the beaches, the forests and the mountains, mostly leaving the (big) cities behind. Not because the cities are not beautiful, there’s so much history and atmosphere there as well, but because we want to connect with Nature through photography.

Autumn photography

vineyard in autumn with forest in the background

Autumn is a beautiful season to take photographs. The leaves of the trees turn to so many amazing colours. Weather will probably not as warm as we might want it to be (or at least as I want it to be), but for photography the moody skies can provide a beautiful background. In this post […]

Ways to show the rolling hills of Tuscany in your photographs

Rolling hills in Tuscany Why rolling? Rolling hills is an expression often heard when people talk about the beauty of Tuscany. Many of the hills in Tuscany have a wave-like form, and I suppose the expression is derived from there. The gentle shape of the hills going up and down are like the waves in […]