The Côte d’Azur is a beautiful area in France, and fortunate for us, is relatively close to Italy. The coast is beautiful with the red rocks in the Esterel. Further west you find the Camargue where they grow rice, but it’s also a favourite spot for flamingos and other wading birds. The wetlands provide a perfect place for these birds to breed and feed. In addition to flamingos there are the famous white horses of the Camargue. These semi wild horses roam the marshland almost without human intervention. This area is a great opportunity for wildlife photography.

The Provence is beautiful in summer just before the lavender is harvested. The purple fields next to wheat or sunflower fields are a joy for the senses. Landscape photography comes easy here and that’s why our tour is planned at the height of the lavender blooming. The ancient little towns provide the perfect backdrop to enjoy summer and drink a glass of rosé.

5 Tips to take photographs of lavender fields

Who doesn’t feel the urge to take a photo when driving past a purple field of lavender? Most people do, and since Instagram took its rise, Valensole, in the south of France, is flooded with tourists. Many come from China and you can even find signs warning car drivers to watch out for Chinese people […]

How can you eliminate lens flare from your photo?

Eliminating lens flare from your photos Have you ever taken a photograph against the sun? This might result in lens flare that in some case can add to the atmosphere, but more often than not, you want to avoid. The lens flare is caused by a strong light, like the sun that reflects and scatters […]