Autumn photography

vineyard in autumn with forest in the background

Autumn is a beautiful season to take photographs. The leaves of the trees turn to so many amazing colours. Weather will probably not as warm as we might want it to be (or at least as I want it to be), but for photography the moody skies can provide a beautiful background. In this post I will show you a few photos of autumn mainly in Piedmont, Italy. As you will see you can take photos anywhere. You don’t always need to travel far to take photos. The park just around the corner could do the trick. Take your time and walk around: the best composition is not always the most obvious.

Red leafs

The red leaves of this maple tree immediately caught my eye. This tree was standing in a little park along the Lake Maggiore in green grass. Red and green are complementary colours, which means that they make for a perfect colour combination. Using a long lens at f/2.8 the green background is all blurred as are most of the leaves. Except for the central leaf, which now gets all the attention.

red maples leaves on green background
Red maple leaves on a green background. This photo shows the use of complementary colours


Not only trees change the colours of their leaves, but lots of other plants do as well, including vines. In Piedmont there is an area called Langhe, which is famous for its wine, and has beautiful landscapes. In autumn it becomes all coloured, from yellow to red. Together with the patterns that the vineyards create this can make for beautiful photos. This photo, taken close to Barbaresco, shows the patches of the vineyards with the roads in between like a spider web. I love the red patch that adds something extra to the photo, otherwise the colours would have been too similar..

vineyards in fall in the Langhe area of Italy
The little roads between the vineyards all lead to the centre of the photo

Red and yellow

These maple trees with their red leafs and the beech trees with their yellow leafs in the background and a bit of sunlight create this interesting light play. This photo clearly shows that the background is very important in any photo. Even though the red leafs are the main subject, they would never result this beautiful without the yellow background. These trees were a mere 3 minutes walk from where we live in Italy.

red and yellow autumn leafs
An explosion of autumn colours


During a sunny Sunday we went for a walk in the forest. Do you think I could leave my camera at home? Of course I couldn’t! So in the end it was a short walk because of all the stops I made to take photos. Even though I’ve taken quite a few photos, I’ve only kept a few, but I had a lot of fun taking them. I love this one with the sunburst. With the sun shining through the trees and closing the aperture to f/16, you can create a sunburst like this. You need to hide the sun almost completely behind the leafs or a branch to obtain this effect.

Sunburst through the trees in autumn
A large beech tree showing off its colours with the sun shing through the leafs.

Although many autumn photos are beautiful because of the colours, a lot of them might have a moody undertone due to the grey skies and absence of the sun. A cloudy sky however makes the colours more saturated due to the diffused light. To me, but this is my personal opinion, I prefer the sunny autumn days. But both types of light can result in beautiful photos, but with a very different atmosphere. In the last photo you can see how saturated the colours of this vine leaf are under an overcast sky.

Beautiful vine leaf n autumn

Do you like autumn? Do you go out to take photos during this season? Let me know in the comments. I would love to see some of your photos. In the northern hemisphere autumn is almost over, so we better get ready for winter. Don’t pack your camera away, every season has its own beauty!

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