Follow Nature’s Rhythm

During our daily life we usually go at too fast a pace. Nature photography can be a means to slow down. We will watch the sun rise and set again, the clouds drift by, the ocean waves crush on the rocks and we will look for wild animals in their natural environment. Our tours are designed with photography in mind from the beginning, but above all revolve around Nature. The nature we will see can be almost untouched, like in Namibia, or cultivated for centuries, like in Tuscany. Harmony and beauty can be found in both.


What’s in our Nature Photo Tours?

Our Nature Photo tours are designed to take your photography to the next level, and do so through the beauty of Nature. Our tours are in small groups to maximize your learning experience. Our tours are slow paced to really experience Nature. Our tours can be both holiday and adventure, some concentrate on landscape photography, during some we do more photo safari and in a few we combine both on the same photo trip. We have extensive travel experience in the areas of each photo tour.